Ep 53 - Cassandra Gholston, Founder and CEO of PartnerTap

May 25, 2021

In this week's episode, Mark Brigman chats with Cassandra Gholston, Founder and CEO of PartnerTap. PartnerTap is a data-sharing platform that focuses on safely sharing data from multiple sources to help companies more efficiently find opportunities for revenue. In this information-packed episode, Mark and Cassandra discuss sales channels, ecosystems, growth cultures, and what the future holds for partnerships. One question that Mark purposes is, “How do we leverage partnership ecosystems for growth, not just on the sales side, but how can we leverage all partnership types to achieve significant growth?” Cassandra states the old way of just having transactional partnerships is not the answer. After listening to this week's episode, be sure to join our online community @ and connect with hundreds of Strategic Partnering professionals!

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